Everyone wants to buy a new laptop whenever possible because, with the growing technological enhancements, laptops are getting smart, and our old laptops are getting outdated in terms of specifications.

Before buying a new laptop, you may need to sell the older laptop. To sell the older laptop, you may need an approximate cost. Want to know the worth of your laptop? Well, this guide will help you.

Factors That Determine the Worth of Your Laptop

  • The brand of the laptop determines its worth because different brands have different user demand
  • Specifications of the laptop increase or decrease the cost of the laptop
  • The age and functionality determine the worth of the laptop
  • Condition of your laptop

How Can I Calculate My Laptop’s Worth?

In this guide, you will be surprised that people are selling their used laptops for more than the price they expected. There are a few straightforward steps that you must follow to know the worth of your laptop and how to sell them at a good price:

  • Knowledge about the laptop you want to sell
  • Basic know-how of selling products online
  • Any e-commerce platforms

First, go to any e-commerce platform and search for the same laptop you are selling or searching for some similar devices and see how much competition there is and how many buyers and sellers are there for that product. It is important to know about the competition as it will give you an idea of how fast and for how much you will be able to sell your laptop.

After that, you get the idea of the prices of similar laptops, you can calculate the price you can sell it online as an average. Now shortlist the most common listed price with your laptop to get an accurate figure of your laptop’s worth. Well, this can be calculated easily with the time duration your laptop is used.

People used to prefer gadgets that are not more than 6 months old, so it is mandatory to know how old your laptop is to sell it at a good price. You can easily find out from your purchase date and compare it with the common value you noticed from only sites.

What are the Platforms to Calculate Your Laptop’s Worth?

Well, there are many platforms from where you can easily estimate the worth of your laptop, sell it and buy a new one. These are some famous platforms with the greatest number of users, from which Sell Broke and Gazelle are well known:

1: Sell Broke

Sell broke is the largest platform to sell and calculate the worth of your laptop, as there is a huge number of sellers and buyers interacting every minute. There would be similar ads according to your laptop so you can get an accurate idea of your laptop’s worth.Follow the steps written below to know your laptop’s accurate worth

Step 1: Open the Sell Broke official site and choose the brand of your laptop:

Step 2: Look for your laptop mode or search for the model of your laptop in the search bar and click on Continue.

Step 3: Next, choose the condition of your used laptop:

2: Gazelle Marketplace

Gazelle is a famous platform across the world. This platform is specifically for MacBooks so that you can get an idea of your MacBook’s worth from there. It’s also trusted by a huge number of users. Search for a similar laptop you want to sell and get the knowledge about how much your laptop is worth.

Step 1: Open the official website of the Gazelle and click on the Sell tab

Step 2: Next, select your MacBook’s type

Step 3: Choose the specifications of your MacBook:

Step 4: Click on the Get an Offer button.

Step 5: Select the condition, and it will provide you with the estimated worth of your MacBook:

If you are interested to know the best sites that will give you a fair price for your laptop, then read Where Can I Sell My Old Laptop?


To sell an older laptop to buy a new one requires you to find the estimate cost of the laptop. You can easily sell your laptop online, follow some steps to get to know the method to calculate the laptop’s worth, as mentioned above. This guide mentioned two sources which can help you to find the approximate cost of the laptop Sell Broke and Gazelle Marketplace.